Are You Ready To Go From BROKE to FULLY BOOKED?

Ready to home in on the exact clients who will PAY you what you’re worth?

Ready to create a compelling marketing message that will make that ideal client say “that’s EXACTLY WHAT I NEED, can I have your card?"

Ready to create packages and programs so that your clients stay longer and get better results, give testimonials and have you make more money?

Ready to CLOSE THE SALE without ever feeling sales-y?

Ready to make MORE MONEY than you’re making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself more than ever before?

Hi, I'm Bianca Osbourne, Client Attraction Strategist for Newbie Entrepreneurs, and I help you get MORE clients and make more MONEY in your business.

As a serial entrepreneur (catering partnership, cleaning company, brick and mortar food business, high private chef+nutritionist) I have BEEN THERE, struggling to get clients consistently, but I figured it out, and have been able to build MULTIPLE businesses.

  • It doesn't take a genius to build a profitable business.
  • It doesn't take millions of dollars to build a profitable business
  • It takes strategy

You're here because

  • YOU want to attract clients with ease
  • YOU want to work clients who will HAPPILY pay what you're worth
  • YOU want to work with clients who you like being around and who value you

You're ready to

  • STOP spinning your wheels
  • STOP wasting energy in your business
  • STOP the feast and famine cycle
  • STOP feeling frustrated at stalled growth

You know

  • NOTHING is wrong with you
  • You are FULLY capable
  • Client Attraction is the SOLUTION to your problem
How to Become a Private Chef

Ready To Get More Clients and Make More Money?

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